Hello and welcome to Geekly Entertainment

I am Brandon Burton a Game Developer, Texture artist and 3D Modeler.

My work

I am a storyteller at heart. I strive to tell stories that spark that internal dialogue in my readers, viewers and players that lead to personal growth and moral maturity. To do this I use my skills as a technical artist and years of experience in game development. I’m experienced in game development using Amazon Lumberyard, Unity 3D, and Corona SDK
Programming Languages: C#, Java, and Lua
I have over 10 years’ experience in 3D modeling for game development and architectural visualization. Currently, I am a coauthor of a series of textbooks that teach game development, authoring the chapters on 3D modeling and texturing.
3D Modeling Software: 3DS Max, Blender, and Maya
Graphics Software: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop, and GIMP
When not writing or developing games, I spend my time sculpting.

If you are interested in more of my work I have some posted to https://sketchfab.com/ Or if you what to learn about 3d modeling in Blender iv been building a playlist Here and I’ve begun a playlist on Substance Designer and Painter.

 if you want to contact me for making a Mobile App, game or something related to what I do, contact me at imberatgeeklyentertanment@gmail.com